Newinlook is a global dress and fashion designing and manufacturing company. Founded in 2012, Newinlook has offered customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of event dresses at attractive prices through www.Newinlook.com. From a sophisticated evening gown to a shining prom dress, stunning wedding dress to an elegant bridesmaid dress; Newinlook offers whatever a woman dreams of.
As an emerging fashion company, our mission is to provide on-trend designs, effective brand marketing, and efficient and timely delivery of products of a complete lifestyle system to a global customer. We work with hundreds of young and talented designers to create the best dresses and fashions for our customers. Through extensive research and our great knowledge of our customer base, Newinlook offers great quality plus size dresses. We can also custom-make dresses according to specific measurements.

Newinlook has successfully sold over 1 million dresses worldwide, and has been named by Amazon as "Tomorrow's Global Brand". Newinlook has the dresses for the most important moments of your life.

Placing Your Order

Do you have a store?

Right now, we're exclusively online. While we do have an office in Los Angeles, we aren't set up for regular in-house visits. By eliminating the storefront side of things, we're able to keep our prices friendlier for your wallet!

When should I place my order?

In order to maintain low prices and stay friendly to the environment, we make all of our dresses to order. This means it takes time to have your dresses made and then 3-15 business days to have them shipped out to you. Because of this, we recommend placing your order at least one month before you need it.

Standard Sizing

What are your standard sizes?

Currently, all of our dresses come in sizes US 2-US 26w.

What size am I?

All of our dresses carry approximately the same measurements (except for length, of course) in our standard sizes, and they all run true to bridal sizes. The best way to figure out which size will fit you best is to match your measurements to our handy size chart, which is also included on every dress's order page.

How to find your fit in strapless styles:

You need to fill in the cup in order to hold the gown up. Base your sizing off of the waist measurement. There's not a lot of wiggle room in strapless styles, they're made to be snug! If you go a size down, and your waist is a bit bigger than the listed measurement, there is the possibility you'll have some issues zipping the dress up. It is always better to go larger and have it taken in than hope to have enough fabric to let it out!

How to find your fit in styles with straps and sleeves:

The bust tends to run a bit bigger, so make sure you can fill this area in for a nice look. If you're a little larger in the bust (about an inch bigger), the dress should still look fine, but it may be a little snug. There's not a lot of extra room in the waist, so if you're a little larger than the measurement listed on the size chart, you may have some issues zipping up! It is always better to go larger and have it taken in than hope to have enough fabric to let it out! If your measurements don't quite add up, you may need to go up a size or more to get to the closest match, and then have it altered to fit by your local tailor. For example, if you are a US 12 in the waist but your other measurements match up with a size US 4, you're still going to want to go with a size US10 or US 12 to fit your waist, and then have the dress tailored down. And of course, there's always our custom sizing option!

Custom sizing

Can I return my custom dress?

Custom dresses are made specifically to the measurements you provide during checkout, meaning no one else will be able to wear that dress once it's done. Because of this, we are unable to accept any returns on custom dresses. So sorry, love! Make sure you triple-check all your measurements and your color! To provide additional assistance, we offer a limited alterations reimbursement(which can be up to 15% of the price online) for only our custom sizes, just submit a picture of your receipt from the tailor through your Newinlook.com account and we'll do the rest! Yes, it really is that easy!

Maternity Sizing

If you're not ordering a maternity-specific style you'll want to follow our recommendations for when you should order regular dresses. Our general rule for maternity is that your belly will grow about 1 inch every 4 weeks. Measure your waist at the largest part now and then add an inch to your waist for every 4 weeks leading up to your event date. If you have any questions or need help with figuring out your measurements, just contact us with your waist measurement now and the date of the event and we can determine how much extra you should add to your waist.

How does custom sizing work?

We offer basic custom sizing using your bust, waist, hip, height, and hollow-to-floor measurements to help reduce your potential alteration costs. While we will make your order according to the measurements provided, your dress may require additional alterations at your expense and may not appear exactly as it does online.

Custom dresses are made specifically to the measurements you provide during checkout, meaning no one else will be able to wear that dress once it's done. Because of this, we are unable to accept any returns on custom dresses. So sorry, love! Make sure you triple-check all your measurements and your color!

Color and Care

How can I make sure all of my dresses are the same color?

Color consistency is of utmost importance of course. However, there is a chance that there will be slight variations if one makes several orders at different times. Why? Basically, the fabric gets dyed in large batches, which helps keep things consistent for all dresses made in each batch. Then they dye another big batch of fabric, and though we know they work really hard to get the same color every time, there can be slight variations.

To make sure all dresses are made within the same dye lot, you will need to have all your orders within 24 hours of each other. 24 hours after the first order is placed, we will begin production on any confirmed and paid orders that were placed. After 24 hours, we cannot guarantee any late orders will be included in the same dye lot as the rest of your party. Keep in mind that screen resolutions can alter the way colors look on your computer depending on how you have it set.

Please note that you will only be able to select one party per order.

Returns, Cancellations, Changes

Cancellation and Changes Policy

All dress orders canceled within 24 hours of purchase will be eligible for a full refund.
All dress orders canceled within 7 days will be eligible for a 50% partial refund.
All dress orders cannot be canceled or changed after 7 days.
Newinlook only accepts a partial or complete refund for the item that has a problem due to our carelessness. That means we can not warrant a refund if the problem with the item is not caused by Newinlook.

Dress Returns

You should contact us within 2 business days( from the date that the item is received) if you want to return the item back to us.
If you are going to ship an item back to us, you should contact our customer support first; our customer representative will clarify for you and you need to ship the item back to us within 14 days (from the date the item is received). Please provide a detailed explanation in the return package, (including the order number, receiver, and the reason why return).
After receiving the returned dress, our warehouse will deduct all costs for storge, fabric and labor. So we encourage customers to keep the dresses if there is only a little problem; we will refund 10%~20% to the people who alter their dresses locally.
When you ship the dress, please mark the price as 5-10 dollars, for the dress is valueless to you.
We can only warrant your refund after we receive the item in good condition as we send it to you. And you should be responsible for the shipping fee.

Pay attention: All returns should be agreed by our service first! Self-returned package will not be accepted!

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Company Address: 12 Orchard Street, Bristol, England, BS1 5EH
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